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Do I Need Good Quality Headphones for Listening to Binaural Beats?

A great question that typically comes up regarding binaural beats, is does the type of headphone affect the effectiveness of therapeutic audio stimulation? The short answer is yes, but don’t bother going out and purchasing the most expensive pair of headphones.

Because binaural beats are a simple sine wave with very little (no) noise, any decent pair of headphones will probably do just as well as a $400 pair. As long as the pair of headphones can produce a clean sound that isn’t “tiny” on the higher or lower frequencies, you’re good.

The more important factor is comfort. Because binaural beats are typically used for sleep and relaxation purposes, it is important that the headphones are comfortable. A pair of studio headphones with quality padding would be great or if you’re using earbuds, something that won’t irritate your ears after prolonged use would be better. Usually the cheaper the headphone, the less comfortable.

Fortunately, comfortable and decent audio quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.

Free Binaural Beats MP3 for Assisting with Sleep


Sleep onset insomnia or difficulty falling asleep is a problem that afflicts almost 60% of adults (according to the National Sleep Foundation)! We lie in bed counting the minutes as they go by, our minds without a leash bringing thought after thought and concern of how another day of exhaustion lay ahead.

There are many strategies that can be used to help sleep. One popular drug free approach is to use music or audio stimulation. Often the right audio in the background can help relax the mind. Common background sounds (or soundscapes) include rain falling, waves hitting the shore, water running or other comforting sounds.

In addition to a background soundscape while falling asleep, binaural beats may significantly increase the therapeutic effects of audio stimulation for sleep.

Binaural Beats is an audio perception effect that occurs when two minimally differing audio frequencies are applied to each ear. The minimal difference in the two tones is perceived as a beating sound, referred to as a binaural beat frequency. It is purported that binaural beats stimulate the brain to operate into the same frequency.

When sleeping, our brains typically fall into a theta and then delta frequency, ultimately into a deep sleep. Using binaural Beats audio stimulation can assist the brain to get into the theta and delta frequencies.

Download the following free binaural Beats mp3 for assisting falling asleep. This free audio track is 15 minutes long. It starts in a relaxation alpha frequency and slowly falls through the theta range to delta. The soundscape also has a soothing background audio of water rippling.

Take advantage of this free binaural beats offer today and get yourself a good night’s sleep.


Meditation Rain – 10 Minute Free Binaural Beats Track for Meditation

Here’s a track from the free Binaural Beats album that focuses on frequencies to help assist in meditation. I actually use the same binaural beats meditation program on a regular basis (or at least a variation of it) with the Beats Brainwaves app for the BlackBerry PlayBook and iPhone.

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