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Beats Brainwaves has just released Volume 1 of our Binaural beats mp3 collection and if you don’t feel like paying for it, you don’t even have to! Yes, if you wish, you can grab the mp3 set for zero dollars . Of course, we would appreciate a Facebook post or Twitter Tweet to help spread the word about our Binaural Beats Volume 1 package.

What’s Included in the Free Album?

Beats Brainwaves Volume 1 includes a zip file containing the following mp3 files:

Relaxation Waves (5 min): A brilliant combination of a craftfully developed Alpha wave binaural beats program with a background sound of waves crashing against a beach. Perfect to reset the mind and instantly modify.

Meditation Rain (10 min): 10 minutes timed binaural beats tuned perfectly for meditation. Incorporates a soothing rain shower in the background.

Meditation Rain (15 min): Take the 10 minute Meditation rain and go another 5 minutes for a perfectly short meditation.

Meditation Rain (30 min): Timed to perfection, a 30 minute binaural beats program, again with the incredibly soothing, exclusive rain background effect.  Clear your mind and feel the power of meditation.

Deep Breathing Waves (10 min): A 10 minute binaural beats program in the theta range of brainwaves.  Practice deep breathing with a metronome counting your breaths.  Take 4 in, hold for 8 and breathe out for 10 to 16 beats and repeat.

Focus Whitenoise (30 min): Whitenoise, a proven effective background sound for lazer focus, combined with an ingenious, specifically designed beta frequency super focusing binaural beats program. Perfect for getting work done quickly and effectively.

And how much does this cost?

This incredible mp3 collection is absolutely free!!!

So grab your mp3’s now!  All it takes is a quick tweet or Facebook post.

OR if you don’t want to tweet or Facebook post for the files, I do have the option for you to purchase the album for a low low cost of just $1.99!!.

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