Binaural Beats App for iPhone and BlackBerry

Beats Brainwave entrainment app for iPhone is now available for FREE! Grab the latest free version in the App Store here.

The Beats Brainwaves app is an audio therapy app for the iPhone and BlackBerry PlayBook.  Binarual Beats are therapeutic audio tones that can stimulate the brain into specific states.  Use Beats Brainwaves Entrainment for a variety of health applications including sleep and relaxation.

Be sure to pick up the most versatile app for assisting with sleep, meditation, concentration and relaxation. Beats Brainwave Entrainment is available for both iPhone and BlackBerry PlayBook mobile platforms.

Beats Brainwave Entrainment is the ultimate  therapeutic audio brainwave synchronization app. Utilizing a variety of high quality background ambient sounds, combined with masterfully designed binaural beats programs, brainwave entrainment can help you achieve your desired state of mind.

Beats Brainwave App can be used for:

  • focusing attention
  • practicing meditation
  • assisting with relaxation
  • assisting with sleep
  • Alleviate insomnia
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Control anxiety and breathing
  • Help manage stress


  • Binaural Beats programs for focus, meditation, sleeping and relaxation
  • A variety of high quality background sounds including pink and white noise, gentle waves, garden rain, city noises, etc…
  • Adjustable timer for setting the program length
  • Standby mode support
  • And more…