Online HTML5 Whitenoise Generator – PlayNoise


This is pretty cool. offers a free HTML5 online whitenoise generator. It looks like it uses OGG Vorbis or MP3 samples, unlike some other online whitenoise generators out there which generate the whitenoise pragmatically. Regardless, it’s a neat minimalist page with a very functional whitenoise generator on it.  The HTML5 app also supports other noise variations such as pink noise and brown noise.

The difference between the three noise variations is minimal, but there is a noticeable difference.  White noise is completely random signals, while both brown and pink noise use a mathematical formula.  Wikipedia has a great explanation of the three noise variants here.

Beats Brainwave (available for iPhone and BlackBerry Playbook) is a binaural beats generator that also supports white, pink and brown noise for stimulating improved concentration.  See more about binaural beats and white noise generation here.  Alternatively, we also have an online binaural beats generator that also supports white noise, pink noise and brown noise.